Coloromat S

Coloromat S

  • Measurement of transmission/extinction
  • Color determination of liquid samples
  • Integrated ICUMSA Methods
  • Modern data management and interfaces
  • Excellent price-performance ratio

Coloromat S – single beam photometer for color measurements

  • Absorption and transmission measurement of liqid samples at up to 7 wavlengths.
  • The new designed Coloromat S allows easy measurement of transmission, extinction and ICUMSA liquid colour units at the recommended standard wavelength 420 nm.
  • The touch screen is used for soft key functions and alphanumerical inputs which allow easy handling for example batch name, user etc.. The wavelengths are selected via the touch screen. Three wavelengths are pre-installed as standards, optional the Coloromat S can be equipped with seven further customized wavelengths in the range 340 – 900 nm.
  • Polarimeter tubes up to 100 mm length are suitable as well as rectangular cuvettes. The sample compartment is open to the top and the bottom avoiding spillage to enter the unit. Due to its unique optical design the COLOROMAT is not affected by stray light. Continuous measuring mode allows monitoring of color changes in product streams as a function of time. This opens a wide range of applications.


  • Color measurement of liquid crystal sugar (ICUMSA Method GS2/3-10)
  • Color measurement of beer and wort (EBC color number)
  • Color index determination of soft drinks and wine
  • Determination of glucose and fructose in beet juices and processing products by enzymatic method
  • Dextran and invert sugar measurement
  • Turbidity color measurement