Hydrolysis Unit - HU 6

Hydrolysis Unit - HU 6

Optimum solution for the acid/basic hydrolysis of food and feed samples prior to solvent extraction for total fat analysis.

Preliminary Hydrolysis, Significant Benefits

Perform single or multiple samples at the same time. HU6 is required for a preliminary hydrolysis, both for acid and basic hydrolysis, of food and feed samples prior to solvent extraction with SER Series.

HU6 ensure fast heating and reduced time, with all the benefits of the aluminum block in terms of temperature transmission and homogeneity.

No sample transfer prevents any possible sample loss, as the same crucibles can be processed by the solvent extractor SER.

HU6 needs to be combined with a dedicated glassware to be ready to use.

Improves Analysis

  • Hydrolysis / digestion by acid or base
  • Ensures conformity with AOAC standard
  • No sample transfer – no sample loss
  • Crucibles go directly into SER 148 or SER 158

Operator Safety

  • Reduces handling to a minimum
  • Automatic extraction of unwanted fraction
  • No exposure to vapors


  • Select a glassware kit and accessories to match workload
  • Hydrolysis is carried out with hydrochloric acid for approximately 60 minutes at 170 °C.The hydrolyzed sample is then filtered in a glass crucible and washed with warm deionized water in order to eliminate the residues of hydrochloric acid